Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pen to Paper - June

I can't believe I am keeping up with my writing! Not only that but I am writing more and more each month, and now am to the point where I am not satisfied . . . I want to send more letters!
This last month I sent out my usual letters to my fellow Ink Reader pen pals.  I also sent out two more letters to a couple of my fellow writing and pony pals. While I haven't found another regular pen pal yet, I have started receiving a couple of letters back from family members! It feels so great to get something happy in the mail.
You are going to have to remind me some time to show you some of the unique stationary I have been using. It is a secret obsession of mine (maybe it will have to be a personal post some time).
You know what else I have been thinking about lately, chain letters.  Do you remember those? They were pretty big in the 80s I think.  Anyway, I was think it would be fun to do something along those lines.  I was considering sending out 2 blank cards/post cards to a few of my friends and ask them to brighten someone's day but sending those cards to someone else. Then if they want (not necessary) they pick a few people and send 2 blank cards to someone else to send on. Nothing that would have to be sent to specific people so it wouldn't really be a chain letter just an encouragement to take the time to send a little note and bring a surprise and a smile to a friend.
What do you guys think?
Did you send or receive any letters this month? 

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