Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lets Get Personal: New Girly Obsession

So all growing up I was a serious tom boy.  I was out in the dirt and mud, rode horses, camped, fished, watched football, etc. you get the drift. 
Let me see if I can find some senior pictures to prove it.
Anyway I moved from a tiny town in Wyoming to Rhode Island and it may seem like a big city but let me tell you I still found all the barns to work at, get dirty and be tom boyish. 
But since I had Munchkin I have developed the oddest girly obsession. I am painting my nails! Now I use to paint or get them done once in a while for weddings and big events and such but now they are painted all the time!  Last week alone I did my nails on three different nights! It is actually fun to do while having a glass of wine and listening to an audio book (because lets face it I can't just sit there listening, I need to do something).
Now I still am horrible at painting my nails, I really can't use my left hand at all (except for playing instruments and typing, it is really quite baffling).  So I have found a few fun things to do instead.
I have been using the Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips, which I wish they came in solid or more subtle prints because while I am turning a little girly most are way too loud for me. So I am pretty much sticking to the French twist tips.
These things are so simple and I can't screw them up! 
So yea that is my new guilty girly obsession.  Do any of you ladies do your nails often? Do you do any crazy things (like I have seen some awesome galaxy details on pinterest)?


  1. Oooh! I should try these sometime... I don't have enough time to paint my nails anymore. I'm going to do my toenails more this summer, but I should use these for special occasions. ;)

    1. I always smudge my nails and these are great since there is no dry time! I have even been going bold with my toenail colors, right now they are I think Pool Blue. Gosh I am turning into a girl LOL