Saturday, June 29, 2013

Goodreads Challenge Mid Year Update

Goodreads Challenge:
So I started out with a goal of 52 books this year but by the end of February I had already read 40 or so, as a result I upped my goal to 100. Now it is the end of June, and only half way through the year and I have already read 100 books! So I have upped my Challenge to 130 books!!

Granted many of my books are children's books but I have promised you a new bedtime story every Friday Night so that means at least 53 of my books this year will be children's books. 

So wow! I have managed to complete this Challenge and extend it! I am so proud of myself for completing two challenges so far this year and for reading so much even with such a busy schedule.
29. Easy
46. Cynful
50. Hush Little Baby
51. Slow Snail
52. Baby Touch and Feel Easter Bunny
53. Where is Love Biscuit?
54. Stealing Parker
55. Bone Vol. 1: Out from Boneville
56. Good Night, Good Night, Construction Site
57. Last Regress
58. I am a Dump Truck
59. Goodnight, Thumper
60. Life of Pi
61. Eyes Like Stars
62. Two Lovely Relationships between Three Souls (no review)
63. Northlanders Vol. 1: Sven the Returned
64. Twelve Months
65. Luminaire
66. Mommy Hugs
67. Pajama Time
68. Wintergirls
69. And the Soft Wind Blows
70. Chasing Dragons
71. Power Study
72. Justice
73. The Study Series Bundle
74. Sleepy Kittens
75. Wild Hearts
76. Ice Study
77. Daddy Kisses
78. Meeow and the Big Box
79. Finding Time
80. Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
81. Foodie Babies Wear Bibs
82.  My Turtle and Me
83. Daddy Cuddles
84. Under Her Skin
85. Mommy Loves
86. October Night
87. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
88. Shiver
89. Lip Service
90. Heads
91. Tails
92.Straight from the Hip
93. Hot on Her Heels
94. Prince of Cats
95. It's Time to Sleep, My Love
96. My Truck is Stuck
97. The Summer I Became a Nerd
98. This is Who I Am
99. Saturday with Daddy
100. Stork


  1. I still think it's amazing that you've read so much! Great job! :D

    1. It really has been an insane year of reading! I am shocked that I have gotten so much read with Munchkin around, but then again looking at my house, it isn't so surprising. I see where my reading time is coming from ;)