Friday, March 1, 2013

Bedtime Story: Little Grunt and the Big Egg

Synopsis: "A boy brings home a big egg that hatches into a dinosaur."

My Review: This was a favorite of mine as a kid (I had won it in a summer reading contest). It is great that I get to share it with Munchkin now. A very cute story about a boy and his dinosaur who won't stop growing and gets too big for the families cave. It is not only a great story for little kids but a little reminder to parents not to make any promises you can't keep and to research to be sure the pet you get your kids is one that suits the whole family and living situation (ok animal rescue volunteer lecture done). The illustrations are cute. It is more appropriate for kindergarten aged kids as it is a little long. This is also great for either boys or girls.

My Rating: I still love this book after so many years and I hope Munchkin will love it just as much as he gets older!  I give it a rating of Four Paws!

Good Night, Sweet Dreams!


  1. I kinda wish I had kids to share my favorite childhood books with. This one looks cute!

    1. Any Nieces, Nephews, friends kids you can steal? If not there is a program online where you register a book and then leave it somewhere public to be picked up. I have always wanted to do that but have such a hard time parting with books.