Friday, September 28, 2012

Bloggiesta Update - Day 1

Boy has it been a busy, yet very satisfying day working on the blog! Thanks to Bloggiesta I have gotten so much done!
My Goals for Bloggiesta
1. Update my read page  - DONE
2. Update my about me page -DONE
3. Get pictures and update my ratings page - DONE
4. Figure out more about Twitter and get my account more active - Ongoing but checking DONE
5. Get caught up on emails & respond to pending review requests
6. Schedule posts for October
7. Visit some of my favorite bloggers - Working on it
8. Connect with at least 10 new bloggers (would love to connect with more) - Meeting Great new people!
9. Maybe set up a facebook page for my blog
10. Have some fun and learn some new techy things - Learning Tons
Mini Challenges Participated In So Far
Guest Posts -  2 pending, want to request 2 more before the end of the weekend!
Get Personal - Updated About Me page, more info & scheduled personal posts once a month
Get Organized - Set up a weekly & monthly schedule & made notes in Planner
Pocket - Oh My Gosh! Brilliant!! Downloaded App & signed up!
Printing - Need a printer but bookmarked printfriendly! Can't wait to print my reviews!
Review Catch Up - I definitely needed this and am all caught up with my 7 reviews!
Discussion Posts - I want all you to get to have a little more interaction with me so I am going to start doing a Book to Movie discussion post on the 2nd Saturday each month!
Comfort Zone - So exciting, I have tons of ideas rolling around in my mind. I will definitely be adding more in my personal monthly post, and I have been trying new Genres thanks to authors sending me books for review, but the one thing I need to try is a giveaway & using Rafflecopter, I also want to do more author interviews, they all terrify me!
Wow it has been a crazy first day of Bloggiesta and I am looking forward to more tomorrow! Though I must remember to wear my glasses tomorrow, I think my eyes have crossed!


  1. Wahoo! Doing great! I just did the Pocket thing too. I think I figured it out even! :) Here's to getting a printer.... good luck with that.

    1. *crosses fingers* maybe Christmas we can get a new printer! I love the Pocket, I just need to remember to use it.

  2. Wow, you seem to be doing great with Bloggiesta! Gotta love feeling productive!!! Good luck with the rest of your goals, and the whole twitter thing. We will get it figured out eventually.

  3. I say, "YAY!" for you on all the above! Looks like things are going wonderfully. :) I'm going to check out your new tabs now. ;)

    1. I say Yay too! So much that needed to be done and finally getting somewhere!

  4. Wow, awesome job with Bloggiesta! You're getting a lot done. :D Best of luck with your remaining tasks!

  5. I'm afraid all these challenges are slipping me by. I'm determined to get through all the things on my list first before starting to do more. You're doing great, though!

    1. I was just lucky that a lot of the challenges went along with my to do list, or were things that I have been wanting to learn about. I am sure you will get your list done!