Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Preparing for Christmas

Hehe sorry just had to share this, I love Simon's Cat!

Anywho I promised yesterday that I would share some of what I have been working on that has taken me away from reading and writing so much.

I know this all completely non book related but I thought some of you may enjoy it ;)

So first we have a few of the Christmas custom my little ponies I have been working on (only 2 more to go)

Baby Ginger (her hair smells like cinnamon)

Gaia - a gift for a close friend

Morning Light
(was suppose to be a trade but I am making a different one for them since I am soo in love with her!)

Now for some bookmarks 

A quick Scherenschnitte Hot Rod bookmark for my FIL

Mistletoe Kisses

Glory and the Christmas Star

And some jewelry

Necklace/bracelet for SIL (can be used either way)

Turquoise Necklace for MIL

Some Wine Charm Sets

Girly Girl 4 piece set

Shooting Sports 4 Piece Set

Fishing 6 Piece Set for my parents

Doberman 6 Piece set #1 - 3
(all of these were donated to the rescue we got Niko from to auction off as a fund raiser)

and last Scherenschnitte Christmas Cards

See I really have been super busy this month! I have a few more Wine charm sets, some Scherenschnitte cards and bookmarks, and a custom ponies in the works too :)

I hope you are all ready for Christmas and that you get to spend time surrounded by those you love!


  1. Your projects definitely justify the silence around here. ;) Enjoy your holidays.

  2. Thanks! I hope you have a great holiday too!