Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top Ten Books I Never Reviewed

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I know I don't normally participate in Top Ten Tuesday but this week was an irresistible topic. We were asked to list our Top Ten books we have read but didn't review for whatever reason.

This is a difficult list for me to narrow down so I have made some of the numbers complete series ;)

1. Song of the Lioness Series by Tamora Pierce - This was the series that originally got me into fantasy books, I gobbled them up at my local library when I was a teen.

2. White Magic series by Caitlin Brennan - Another great series I read a few years ago that combined everything I love, horses, magic, royalty, strong woman characters and a little romance.

3. Paths to Camelot series by Sarah Zettel - A fantastic set of books that pulled me into Arthurian Legends a few years ago, I had to hunt down the fourth book because it wasn't released in the US (it may have since then though). I am actually thinking I might do an Arthurian challenge next year so stay tuned ;)

4. Golden Filly series by Lauraine Snelling - This is a fantastic 10 book middle grade series. A christian series that follows a girl through the grief process of loosing her father and her struggles at achieving her dreams of becoming a jockey. I had read a couple of these books when I was younger and only in the past few years tracked down the whole series.

5. Merry Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton - this series I have been following for a few years, it really pulled me into modern fantasy and paranormal genres. I must give warning though it is very risque.

6. Rhiannon's Ride Trilogy by Kate Forsyth - I recommend this fantasy trilogy to anyone who will listen (even actually forcing my copies into their hands). I got so invested into the characters I actually found myself mad at my husband for no reason other than the MC was mad at the hero.

7. Divine Comedy by Dante - I read these in my Epic Poetry class my first semester in college and fell in love!

8. Firethorn by Sarah Micklem - a fantasy, historicalish romance that is believable, its not all pretty and flowers. No real happy ending there just real life. I just managed to get my hands on the follow up book Wildfire.

9. Dewey the Small Town Library Cat by Vicki Myron - this was an incredibly emotional book for me. I got it on CD and thank goodness I did because I was absolutely bawling by the end and couldn't have read the words if I had tried.

10. Black Horses for the King by Anne McCaffrey - Another Arthurian tale, but a fantastic and believable one. One that I think I need to read again.

There are so many other books I probably should have added to this list (some I will be re-reading and reviewing later in the year so I left them off).  So what are your top ten books you never reviewed??


  1. I'll have to check some of these out. Especially the one that made you mad at your husband. If a book can create feelings that strong and that unprovoked it must be good. ;)

  2. You definitely need to check them out (they are actually part of a larger series). It's funny now that I look back, I was up late reading and he came home from work and said I should get some sleep so I closed the book in the middle of the characters conflict. I woke up the next morning absolutely furious with him for no reason HAHAHA!