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Date Night with a Book: Special Ops Seduction by Megan Crane


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Synopsis: "She's the last woman he ever wanted to see again...

After an official operation turned deadly, Jonas Crow began a new life in Grizzly Harbor with Alaska Force. But when fellow soldier Bethan Wilcox joins the group, she forces him to remember things he actively prefers to forget. That’s unforgivable enough. But now the two of them are forced together on a mission to uncover deadly secrets tied to their complicated past, and with the heat between them at a boil, forgiveness is the least of his worries...

And the only woman he needs.

Bethan Wilcox, one of the first women to make it through Army Ranger school, didn't join Alaska Force to deal with Jonas's foul temper. Or her own errant attraction to him. Thrown together in a race against the clock, they have to pretend to be a couple and play nice to throw the enemy off their scent. She knows better than to let their pretend love feel real...especially while time is running out.

Jonas has always been good at saving the world. But it’s Bethan he needs to save this time around—if she doesn’t save him first."

My Review:  I have been enjoying this series, I love the cast of characters and the found family/ band of brothers element. While I have been enjoying the series, they have been enjoyable but nothing that blows me out of the water until this book. Crane has been building the mystery around Jonas for the whole series and the tension with Bethan has been building as well, obviously it had implode at some point. I was a little frustrated that there was so much mystery and hush, hush surrounding their backstory but I am glad I was made to wait for it to be revealed. I loved the tension between Jonas and Bethan, then the forced proximity of the mission just intensified it. I have to admit, I fell hard for these characters and this was such a difficult book to read even though I knew where it had to end up as a romance book. I can't tell you how many times I was near tears, happy, frustrated, sad, painful tears on their behalf. I wish I could go back and savor this book again for the first time, it was that good.

My Rating: I knew I would enjoy this book but I just was not prepared for Jonas and Bethan! This book took me on such an emotional ride and I loved every minute of it.  I give it a rating of Four Paws and a Stump Wag!

I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley from the publisher. The above is my honest review and opinion.

You can find out more about Megan Crane and the rest of the Alaska Force Series on her Goodreads Page or Website.

Special Ops Seduction releases on Tuesday, January 12th, so you can pre-order your own copy in print or digital format (and pick up the rest of the series) from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or you can request it at your local library or bookstore.

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