Monday, November 16, 2020

Monday Reading List

    It is Monday again and it is time to update with what I read last week, what I am currently reading and what to look forward to next week.

Reviews Posted Last Week:
Links will take you to my review

Selling Christmas by Angelina Goode
Three Cheers for Kid McGear by Sherri Duskey Rinker (Bedtime Story)

 Books Finished Last Week:
Reviews will be posted at a later date

Selling Christmas
Wrapped Up in Christmas Joy
Save It
Tom & Jerry Wordless Graphic Novel
Meet the Latkes

Currently Reading:

Camelot Betrayal by Kiersten White - Ebook - on page 36 of 384

Pages Read/ Time Listened
871:02 Hours Listened (8:36 listened this week)
27,166 Pages Read (433 This week)

Books Added to Shelves Recently: TBR
The Eyes of Tamburah (gift)
The Wolf in the Whale
~~~~~~~~~~March Birthday Waiver Books ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The Rain Dragon Rescue
The Order of the Unicorn
All the Wandering Light
Life on the Leash
Phoenix Unbound
The Caged Queen
The Mum Who'd Had Enough
The Voyage to Magical North
The Overdue Life of Amy Byler
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End Birthday Waiver~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Scavenge the Stars
Hades & Persephone
Dark Skies
No Country for Old Gnomes (gift)
About That Kiss
The Girl and the Stars
A Choir of Lies
Loving Cara
Girl of Fire & Thorns (gift)
Fury of a Phoenix
Homicide in Hardcover (gift)
Unravel the Dusk
Ruthless Gods - UNHAUL
Blind Search - READ
Selling Christmas (gift) - READ


Well here we are again, my reading week was not great because I see that we are headed for another lock down and I wanted to be prepared. Which means I spent the entire weekend getting groceries, Christmas presents, Library run, Banking and packages shipped. I also spent a good chunk of the weekend raking leaves and setting up a home office. This was also probably the final weekend we would have my husband home until after the New Year, being as he works in the mail system. I am happy to say that I feel like we are pretty well set this time around and being this prepared has settled my anxiety. I just hope we can get in the last few doctor appointments needed before everything shuts down again. 

In the reading world, I have yet to begin my Tome Topple. I have a few reviews to finish up first (this seems to happen every time I try to participate). But I hope to start soon with The Wolf in the Whale and Midnight Sun.  I will probably be listening to both while I finish wrapping Christmas presents and package the last of the gifts for shipment.

What distracts you or keeps you from reading as much as you would normally like?

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