Thursday, July 23, 2020

Royal Court Book Tag

It has been a while since I did a book tag and I think it is about time to do one. I have a whole file of saved book tag bookmarks on my computer but one I saw on Drums of Autumn Youtube channel from a couple of years ago really stood out to me. The Royal Court Book Tag was originally created by Chels - My Reading Escape on the Amino App.  Since I read so many books with kingdoms both in fantasy and romance, this should be fun!

1. Kingdom: Every Court Needs a Kingdom -What Fictional World Would You Rule Over
So, I would definitely die in pretty much every fantasy kingdom I have read about. Those worlds are brutal and terrifying. But as far as what we saw in Sorcery of Thorns, that the Kingdom of Austermeer doesn't sound too bad, just your usual bad guys.

2. Consort: Life At The Top Can Get Lonely - Pick Your Partner in Crime/ Book Crush
He has always been and will always be my top Book Boyfriend, though he isn't king in Fire, he definitely has all the qualities needed.  Brigan from Fire is my choice for Consort

3. Heir: Someone Needs to Keep Your Legacy Going - Pick a Royal Character Who Deserves to Rule After You
Having just met her this year, I think Razia would make a fantastic heir. She is so awesome, she is smart, confident, strong and loyal. She can make strategic plans with the best of them and execute them as well! 

4. Royal Guard: Being a Ruler Comes With Many Dangers - Pick a Character You Trust To Have Your Back
Without a doubt the two most protective characters I have come across are Murderbot and ART, they will stop at nothing to protect those around them, whether under contract or not!

5. Adviser: Its Nice to Have Someone to Blame When Things Go Wrong - Pick a Character Who Usually Has Great Advice
It has been a few years since I read the Winner's Curse series but for some reason, Kestrel keeps popping up in my mind for this position. She may not have always made the best decision but she learned from them and came out on top anyway.

6. Spy Master/Assassin: You Have to Set an Example - Pick a Character Who Would Destroy Your Enemies
Only the best of the best, I need to recruit Valek, Ari and Janco from the Ixian Chronicles.  If you have only read the Study series, you need to read the rest of the series, especially the novellas!!

7. Court Magician: When Brutal Force Doesnt Work Magic is the Answer - Pick a Character With Useful Powers
Not only is Cat blessed by the gods, but she can also absorb power and use it, and she has some pretty darn powerful friends too!

8. Diplomats: You Need Someone to Make Favorable Trade Deals, or Perhaps Prevent a War - Pick a Character Who's Great At Convincing Others
While he may not always have the most ethical of ways, he always gets what he wants.  I am definitely putting Gen in charge of negotiations (granted he might start a war or two but his skills are worth it).

9. General: Sometimes War Is Inevitable - Pick a Strategic Character to Defend Your Kingdom And Lead Your Army
Again, she might not have the most ethical of methods but she has a brain for strategy and getting the job done. I am going to hire Lada (and probably a couple others to try to keep her in check).

10. Stable Master: All Life Must Flourish In Your Kingdom - Pick an Animal Companion
I don't know why I struggled so much with this question, I always love the animal companions.  Normally I would go for a feline companion or even an equine but I don't think anything could be better than Storm, a wolven, from the Faithful & the Fallen.

11. Court Jester: Life As a Ruler Can Get Stressful -Pick a Book/Character That Made You Laugh
For some reason I find it easier to remember the characters that made me cry, as opposed to made me laugh.  The Night Court group though stand out as being very entertaining, at least when they aren't in battle mode. 

12. Usurper: There Will Always Be Someone After The Throne - Pick a Villain Who Would Make a Worthy Opponent
I can't remember his name but he is Lara's Father in The Bridge Kingdom series.  He is evil and always power hungry, but try as he might I don't think he can over take my kingdom with the group I put together.

13. Nobles: The Courts Life Blood - Who Do You Tag?
This was super fun to do, and I hope you will all try out the tag too.  So if you are reading this and made it through all those questions, I want you to do this tag too.  Let me know if you do, so I can come check out your answers. 

Also, take this tag as an ultimate recommendation list. I think every book or series I referred to in this list are all time favorites! Some truly fantastic books are listed here!

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