Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Recent DNF Books

I talk a lot about the books I read on here, but I thought it was about time that I discussed some of the books that I didn't make it all the way through.  In the past couple of years I have finally given myself permission to put down a book I am not enjoying and it has been so freeing. It allows me to focus on the books I am enjoying.  Some of the books I put down, I do plan to pick up again when I am in the proper mood or mindset, others I am completely done with when I put it down.  

Here are the books I have DNFed so far this year:

I decided at 60% to DNF this book. I had been so excited to read this book, the premise is intriguing and the cover is stunning but at over halfway through the audio book my library hold was due back. I could have gotten it again right away or read the hard cover copy I own but I found that I just wasn't that invested in the story and was only reading to finish. I did love the setting, even though the hierarchy of power and khans was a awfully confusing. I also enjoyed Khalaf's character, he is definitely a hero to fall for but Jinghau was just a little too doting and doe eyed for my liking. I also wanted more of the riddles but they are just glazed over as far as I read.

Sadly, I had to DNF this one a little over halfway through. I really struggled to connect with the characters and also found the world building, timeline and character development to be scattered and confusing. The pacing was also extremely slow, there was potential for it to pick up where I left off but when I had time to read and yet still was distracted after only focusing for about 10 pages after 2 weeks of reading, it was time to put it down. It felt a bit like an incomplete manuscript. Though it had great representation and good potential, it just wasn't the book for me at this time.

Sadly, I am DNFing this book, after getting nearly 70% of the way through it. I had borrowed the audio book from the library and was finding that I couldn't bring myself to listen to more than half an hour at a time. This book is more of 3 stories in one and the audio book was a bit confusing jumping between the stories. The narration was also so slow, even when listening to it at 2x the speed, that it was easy to lose track of what was happening and get distracted while listening. I think the writing is beautiful, flows beautifully but I think the story gets lost in the beautiful words. I many have also enjoyed this more as a print book (but the wait for the physical or ebook from the library is over 32 weeks), it may have made the transitions between the stories within the book smoother and I could have read at my own pace.

I picked this book up from the library because it made the Booktube SFF shortlist this year. I love the cover but found the book to be really confusing. I listened to the audio book but DNFed at about 50%. I think the idea is really intriguing but I have never been one who enjoyed time travel books where it is more than one jump in time. Some readers my love it but it just wasn't for me.

I have been really looking forward to this book since before it's release. I have been struggling to get through it and decided to DNF about 1/3 of the way through.  I really was not a fan of the main character, I believe she represents some kind of sensory disorder or something but I just found myself irritated with her when I wanted to just hear about the history of her kind. I am sure it would have been a great book if I had read it at a different time or when I was in a different state of mind but right now it just didn't work.

So there are all the books that I have DNFed so far this year, I may return to a couple of them at a later date, particularly Ten Thousand Doors of January, because I think I would really enjoy that one when it isn't in audio book. I am kind of proud of myself that many of those books were borrowed from the library, I am getting better about borrowing books that I am not 100% sure if I will enjoy, instead of purchasing them only to find out I don't enjoy them.

Do you DNF books? How long do you give a book before you put it down?

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