Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday: 5 Star Predictions

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.  It is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, and you can find the list of topics on her page HERE.

This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic is one that I have been wanting to do for a while (though I had been planning to limit it to 5), all about books we predict will be 5 star reads.  I don't give out 5 star ratings (or Four Paws and a Stump Wag around here) often so it is hard to predict which 10 books I plan to read that I will be giving it to (not to mention I then need to read those books relatively soon too). But I have been digging through my shelves and reviewing my anticipated reads list and here are 10 books that could potentially get 5 star ratings from me.

In no particular order .  . . 

5 Star Predictions:

This book is so beautiful but it didn't get a ton of hype last year when it was released.  I have been hesitant to pick it up simply due to my fear of pronunciations, but I have heard that it now has an audio book as well, so I think I will get the audio book to read along with it.  What reviews I have seen from trusted readers have been outstanding, so I am very hopeful this will get a 5 star rating from me.

This book has been sitting on my shelf for a couple of years now but it came highly recommended by one of the associates I trust at Barnes & Noble.  It sounds like it is a great blend of fantasy, politics and inspired by vikings.  All in all it sounds like a book that was written for me!

I cannot wait for this book to come out! I am absolutely in love with this series and can't imagine this book earning any less that 5 stars!

I love books that feature siblings and I can't wait to see how this battle between siblings turns out.  Not to mention this cover is to die for!

YAY for more Murderbot!! I have completely fallen for this series and this unique character.  I must admit that I am a tiny bit hesitant about a full length Sci-fi book as opposed to the novella lengths previously but I have no fear that Murderbot will lead us on a grand adventure full of snark and those pesky feelings that seem to interfere with media time.

I know I am cheating here, but the first book was so beautiful that if I had more than 5 stars to give it, I would have.  I am bracing myself to be completely swept away with these next two books in the trilogy and honestly I would be surprised if at least one if not both of these ended up with 5 stars.

I am so excited to see Kiera Cass coming out with another book similar to the Selections, which happens to be one of those series that is an absolute guilty pleasure for me.  I am really hopping we can all forget about the not so fabulous Siren book and get back to the magic of her previous books.

Do you know how long I have searched for a romance book with a hunky hero and a cat on the cover?! If this doesn't blow me away I am going to be seriously upset! Not to mention the heroine is a nerdy professor building a bookstore and he is the handy man single dad making that dream come to life, I so need this one to be good! (And there better be a cat!)

Again, I am cheating but I have really been enjoying this series and the discovery at the end of the 2nd book has me anxious to get to these two.  I am predicting that at least one of these will get a 5 star rating, but it may take me a bit to get to both of them to find out.

Finally this book has been calling to me for so long and I have found that I really love storyteller/bard characters and I am really looking forward to getting into this one and seeing how he twists stories around for politics.

So what books on your TBR do you think will earn 5 stars?  Do you give out 5 star ratings often? Have you read any of the books on my list? If so which should I start with?

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