Friday, September 27, 2019

Early Reader Bedtime Story: Clark the Shark and the Big Book Report by Bruce Hale & Illustrated by Guy Francis

Read for: Early Reader Challenge

Synopsis: "Be bold, be smart, and speak from the heart! Clark the Shark is ready to present his book report to the class. But at the last minute, Clark gets stage fright and clams up in front of everybody. With a little help from his teacher, Mrs. Inkydink, will Clark be able to overcome his fears?

With easy-to-read text and Clark’s trademark rhymes, this shark tale will prepare beginning readers to take a big bite out of reading! Also included are Clark the Shark’s Bite-Sized Facts, real facts on shark communication, behavior, and more!

Clark the Shark and the Big Book Report is a Level One I Can Read, which means it’s perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences."

My Review: This was a great book for those young readers heading back to school and who may have to give a report in front of the whole class. It was easy to read with simple sentences and a lot of sight words. The story was interesting and with the familiar Clark the Shark characters. It was great to see a character be so confident in their work but then struggle once in front of the class, it can happen to the most outgoing of kids. Munchkin really enjoys Clark the Shark and relates to a lot of the struggles that Clark comes across, including this one.

My Rating: While this might have been a little easy for Munchkin to read, he really did relate to Clark and what happens when it comes time to give the book report.  It is a great way to start a conversation about being confident and also about not laughing at those who struggle in front of groups.  We give it a rating of Four Paws!

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