Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Review of Snowhook by Jo Storm

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Synopsis: "Hannah must rely on her survival instincts to endure a brutal ice storm and save her family. 

At first, when a massive ice storm traps fourteen-year-old Hannah and her family in a remote cabin, it feels like a game to practise the survival skills she's been learning. That all changes when an accident leaves her mother desperately low on insulin. With no power and no way to contact the outside world, Hannah steals away with the four family dogs tied to an old dogsled.

All she has to do is make it to the nearest cabin and find a working phone to save the day. But a wrong turn and worsening weather leave her in grave danger and saddled with an unexpected passenger. Hannah must use all her skills and resourcefulness to get help for her family — before they all freeze to death in the wilderness."

My Review: When I was younger, I was obsessed with dogsled teams and this book really cued into that love. I did struggle a bit to get into this one, I was not a huge fan of Hannah, throughout the book, even though it appears she is doing her best. The urgency of the situation and the dangers that she must overcome felt a little disconnected. I feel like this is a book that would have been even better in 1st person, to put you more in the situation with the characters. I was also very frustrated by the decisions made throughout this story, maybe it is because I am an adult reader but several of choices Hannah made were clearly not the correct decisions to make. I am also a little surprised by the fact that she is a city girl who visits the cabin only on holidays and vacations but somehow knows how to survive in blizzard conditions and all the dog psychology required to train new sled dogs. The ending is rather abrupt and doesn't fully close out the story or tie up any of the loose ends, honestly as an parent with a child potentially reading this book I want to see the families reunited, consequences handed down and medical attention delivered to all parties. It ended up being rather unbelievable as an adult reader, though I think that a younger reader who may not have the knowledge that I do may enjoy the adventure behind the story more.

My Rating: I really struggled with this one as an adult reader, though as a younger reader I probably would have enjoyed the survival/adventure elements of this book. I give it a rating of Two Paws.

I received this complimentary book via Netgalley, the following is my honest and unbiased opinion.

You can find out more about Jo Storm and her books on her Goodreads Page or Website.

Snowhook was just released in Ebook on January 26th and will be releasing in print on February 19th, you can order your copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


  1. Sorry this was a little frustrating and unbelievable for you. I loved dogsled teams as a kid too! I used to watch Balto and Iron Will all the time.

    1. I loved Balto, and Stone Fox was one of my favorites too! Maybe if I had read it as a kid, I would have not seen the flaws in it I see as an adult.