Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Review of Through the Fire by Katie Ruggle

Read for: Netgalley/ Requested Review and I LOVE this series and author

Synopsis: "Kit Jernigan despairs of ever fitting in with her new tight-knit K9 unit. They've been through too much to open their arms to a stranger―and as mysterious fires begin raging across Monroe, she can't convince them to trust her long enough to catch the woman she knows is responsible.

Wesley March, local fire spotter, knows Kit is right, and he's willing to help her prove it. But the more time they spend together, the closer they get...and the more danger they're in. A member of the K9 unit's inner circle is determined to get revenge―no matter who gets burned in the process. 
This time, it's personal."

My Review: I have been a huge Katie Ruggle fan since I originally discovered her Search and Rescue Series, so of course I jumped at an opportunity to read the next book in the K9 series (and I believe this is the last book in this series). I instantly fell in love with Wes, something about those quiet, rough, lone mountain men gets me, and he is insanely smart to boot. I also like how this was a bit of a role reversal from all of Ruggle's previous books with Kit being the one in police service. I really enjoy how she wasn't an instant part of the crew, there was definitely a warm up period, as is natural all things considered. This book really revealed that it can at times be difficult to break into that small town circle, everyone knows everyone and they are often suspicious of newcomers, though they can also be extremely welcoming. I loved the twists this book took and how it turned what we all expected from previous books in the series and turned it on its head. This was definitely a great page turner and kept pulling you into the story.

My Rating: I really enjoyed this book and loved how there was a bit of a role reversal in it with Kit being a police officer instead of the guy being in that role.  While I loved this book I am a little anxious to see what comes up next, there wasn't really much of a hint for a branch off series like there was in the Search and Rescue series branching into this series.  Anyway, this is definitely a Four Paw book for me!

I received this book via Netgalley under no obligation. The above is my honest review. 

You can find out more about Katie Ruggle and her books on her Goodreads Page or Website.

Through the Fire was just released on August 28th, 2018 and you can now obtain your own copy of it (and the whole series) in digital or print format from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or check your favorite local bookstore (if they don't have in on the shelves ask them to order it for you and they usually are more than happy to do that)!

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