Thursday, September 13, 2018

Pen to Paper: September Bullet Journal

It has been a while yet again but I thought I would show you the layout for September in my Bullet Journal as well as the progress on my Reading Tracker pages. I had to make some changes from the previous few months due to back to school, Munchkin going to first grade in private school and starting up soccer again has really added a lot more to the schedule than I ever expected so I needed more space in my days on the weekly layouts.

My monthly layouts are still relatively simple, just touches of color, washi tape or stickers here and there, no time for decorating, and I need the extra space for notes and stickies.

My new weekly layouts have plenty of space for events and appointments at the top, task lists and any other notes like hot lunch/cold lunch selections. I have a space for what I am reading, a blank space for a sticky note or any brain dumps, a space to plan out cards in crafty time and then trackers at the bottom. 

Here is my updated star rating and page count trackers, I really like how this is turning out so far!

Same with my Reading Challenge pages, I like seeing the color coding, it is interesting to see when I read more and what challenges. 

Things have gotten a little out of hand with my purchases page and I had to tear a page out of the back and cut it in half and use washi tape to extend that page, I clearly have a limit on what I can purchase for the rest of the year! 

And finally, I finished filling out my Anticipated Releases with books from October through December and some of the releases in 2019 to keep an eye out for, this was a little more difficult and I definitely see that I need more space.

I also discovered this month that I only have enough pages for maybe another month or two in this book,  I can see where a few page management issues came in and then I would have been able to fit a full year into one notebook.  This is something I will be taking into consideration for next year. 


  1. I love the variety of pages you have! I love planners! They are fun, creative, and help me keep organized!

    1. I am having a lot of fun tracking my reading in a more visual format. The lists here on the blog just don't really give a full sense of how much and what I am reading. I also have really enjoyed discovering that I really have a sweet spot for audio books.