Saturday, July 14, 2018

New Purchases Rewind 2017

So as you know I have been trying to keep track of the books I have purchased and read them as the come in, and of course this never works out well, but I think I have been doing a fairly decent job this year.  Since we are half way through 2018, and I kept track of all the books I purchased and read in 2017, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at the books I purchased and hadn't read by the end of the year.  I had purchased a total of 234 books last year and at the end of 2017 I had read 106, leaving 147 books on my TBR shelf.   So how about we see how many of those remaining books I have read and/or unhauled so far this year . . .

1 Beauty and the Beast
2. Samurai Rising 

3. Dawn Study
Name of the Wind 
5. Wise Man's Fear 
6. How to Tame a Willful Wife
7. New World: Rising Unhauled
8. The Sandcastle Empire
9. And I Darken 
10. World Mythology in Bite Sized Chunks
11. Eliza and Her Monster
12. Frogkisser 

13. This Savage Song
14. The Beast's Garden
15. Addie on the Inside
16. Also Known as Elvis
17. Viking Warrior Rebel
18. Puss Without Boots
19. The Invisible Library 
20. Saints Blood 
21. P.O. Box Love 
22. Britt Marie Was Here
23. Nomansland Unhauled
24. The Secret Horses of Briar Hill 

25. The Secret Loves of Geek Girls 
26. Vengeance Road DNF/Unhauled
27. Keep Me Posted 

28. The Prince of Fools
29. The Nothing Girl
30. His Majesty's Dragon
31. Tortall and Other Lands
32. Wild Magic
33. Wolf Speaker
34. Emperor Mage
35. Realm of the Gods
36. The Winter King
37. The Christmas Secret
38. The Christmas Note
39. The Hearts We Sold
40. Jane Unlimited
41. Before She Ignites
42. Shadowcaster
43. Flamecaster
44. The Last Magician
45. Timekeeper
46. Bone Witch
47. Stalking Jack the Ripper
48. Hunting Prince Dracula
49. Vassa in the Night Unhauled
50. As You Wish Unhauled
51. Down and Across Unhauled
52. Naondel Unhauled
53. An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors Unhauled
54. Daughter of Smoke and Bone
55. Invention of Hugo Cabret
56. The Natural History of Dragons
57. Phantom Traces
58. Dear Margaret
59. The Staying Kind
60. Christmas Joy
61. Hearts Unloched
62. A Family for the Rugged Rancher
63. Passion's Palette
64. Never Dare a Dragon
65. Vampire King of New York
66. Crewel Work DNF
67. Trouble Looming DNF
68. A Shot at Love
69. Moment of Fate
70. The Promise
71. The Landscaper Series
72. Recipes from Raine's Roast
73. Caught up in Raine
74. Kilty Pleasures
75. Redeeming the Billionaire
76. The Billionaire's Best Friend
77. A Billionaire Playboy
78. The House of Four Winds
79. Warriors
80. Books of the South - Unhauled
81. Chronicles of the Black Company - Unhauled
82. If You Find this Letter
83. Dinosaur Lords
84. Dinosaur Knights
85. Voyage of the Basilisk
86. In the Labyrinth of Drakes
87. Nevernight
88. Christmas at Thompson Hall
89. The Nutcracker
90. Traitor's Blade
91. A Merry Christmas
92. Christmas Carol
93. Ink and Bone
94. The Night Before Christmas
95. The Grace of Kings
96. The Wall of Storms
97. The Traitor's Blade
98. From a Certain Point of View
99. The Dinosaur Princess
100. Wishtree
101. And I Love Her
102. It's Only Love
103. Hidden Figures
104. The Bookshop on the Corner
105. The Fall of Arthur
106. The Tropic of Serpents
107. Territory Unhauled
108. A Time to Dance
109. Go Ask Alice
110. A Cup of Christmas Tea
111. The Reluctant Queen
112. Wrath and the Dawn
113. Godsgrave
114. Picture of Dorian Grey
115. Pure - Unhauled
116. River of Ink - Unhauled
117. Park Bench
118. Pay it Forward
119. Letters to Sam
120. Staying Strong - Unhauled
121. Cold Forged Flame
122. Lightening in the Blood
123. Rose and the Dagger
124. Waiting for Dragons
125. Stupid Christmas
126. The Dragonet Prophecy
127. The Lost Heir
128. Hidden Kingdom
129. Dark Secret
130. Brightest Night
131. Gathering Blue
132. Messenger
133. Son
134. The Book of Three
135. The Black Cauldron
136. The Castle of Llyr
137. Taran Wanderer
138. The High King
139. Gilded
140. Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
141. Fablehaven: The Complete Series
142. Malice
143. Valor
144. Ruin
145. Paper and Fire
146. Burn - Unhaul
147. Fuse - Unhaul

Boy that is quite a list, I have added links to the books I have read so far this year. I have read or unhauled 37 books from this list, leaving still another 110 books that I purchase last year but have not read! Yikes!!  I guess I better get to reading some of these books, granted several of them were already on my planned TBR for this year, but that is a lot of books that were added to my bookshelves that have not been read yet.  This was pretty eye opening, especially considering that I have already added over one hundred more to my shelves so far this year. 

I think I may need to re-arrange my bookshelves to make these books waiting more visible,  I will also bring back my Try a Chapter challenge from earlier this year to maybe weed out some of these TBR books.

Have you tracked your book purchases? Do you read as the books come in or do you find books piling up on the TBR shelf?


  1. Whoa! Where do you buy your books? What do you mean by unhauled?

    1. I made the mistake of discovering Bookoutlet last year and that lead to some really big boxes of books coming my way for not much money. I also have ebooks listed here, and audio books from my audible subscription, and of course all the gifts I have received. Unhauled is when I have removed a book from my shelves, either sold it or donated it.

  2. Oh man! It’s so overwhelming isn’t it? I own so many books I haven’t read and I just keep buying more and then borrowing books to read instead. :(

    1. It really is, you don't really notice how many books come in and are left unread until you actually do something like this or stack all your tbr books up. This is definitely eye opening to see both this year and last year's books. I think one of my main culprits are bookoutlet orders, and then book festivals, even if I haven't read a book I worry that I will end up loving it but never get a chance to meet the author again, so I buy all the books and get them signed but don't always get them read. I am going to have to really work on both of those habits.