Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fantasy Fun Book Tag

It has been ages since I have last done a tag post and thought it would be a nice break from all the reviews I have been posting.  So I saw the Fantasy Fun tag on Piera Ford's Channel recently and thought it would be fun to participate since I have been reading so much fantasy lately.  The original tag was created by A World of Words  so check out the video and participate if you like.

1. What fantasy series would you want to be a part of? (You would be yourself, but a character in the series. Whether you survive would depend on your own abilities or abilities you could potentially learn in that world)

So I always have trouble with this question because I am rather ill-suited to any kind of fantasy world, usually there is magic needed or at least some kind of survival skills and the only thing I might be good at in that area is horseback riding.  I do think I would do okay in the Graceling Realm by Kristin Cashore, particularly the Dells (Kingdom featured in Fire) because I think I am pretty good at making myself seem invisible and would not be eaten by the Monsters.

2. What type of fantasy being do you want to be? Could be a human-like one; Elf, Shadowhunter, wizard, OR a mythological creature like a dragon or unicorn

Again a tough question, I think I would go with Centaur, the have the speed of a horse but can talk and use weapons like a human, and from the impression I get from books, they are rather large and intimidating so no one messes with a group of them.  The other option would be a shape shifting witch like Prof. McGunagall, to have magic and be able to sneak around like a cat, yes please!

3. Living your everyday life, would you rather have magic powers or have a mythological creature for a pet/BFF? (For example, have a dragon you could ride around)

Pet definitely a pet, can I have multiples?! I want a shadow pet like Mr. Kindly and a dragon and a unicorn and I want to be able to communicate mentally with them.

4. Who is your favorite fictional dragon? 

I think I kind of have to go with the first dragon I encountered and say Kazul from Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede. Mainly because I am drawing a blank, I know I have read books with great dragons, I love the sarcastic ones but am totally at a loss, clearly I need to read more dragon books!

5. What is your favorite fantasy movie? (This, of course, includes movies where modern-day people end up in fantasy worlds) 

Does Beauty and the Beast count?! If not then I have to go with Narnia.  I honestly don't watch a lot of fantasy movies, I read the books.

6. If you could pull any character out of a fantasy series, to live in the normal world (as your friend, or maybe love interest, who knows), who would you choose? (Note: this means they would no longer be in their book world--so think about what that might mean) 

Did you have to put consequences on this?! I kind of want to say Sal from Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller because they seem like a good person to have as a friend, if you can get them to be loyal.  I also want to say Rhys in ACOTAR because who wouldn't want that all to themselves or even Azriel, but Mor would also be a great option for a best pal, yeah I think I am going to go with Mor so that most of the storylines can stay relatively intact.  Or again, can I have Mr. Kindly?! Mia has more help now and can let him go right?!

7. If you could make a supporting character in any fantasy series the protagonist of that series, who would you make the new star?

I would love to have at least a full length novel if not a trilogy or series featuring Ari & Janco from the Ixian Chronicles by Maria V. Snyder, yes I know they do kind of have a novella and they are often in the books but I want so much more of them!


Helene from An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, she really got the short end of the stick in all aspects, though that is what she signed up for. I would love to have a book all about her, yes we do get her POV in Torch and I think we might be getting more in Reaper but she deserves her own book!

I would love to hear some of your answers so let me know if you participate too!


  1. Whoa! These questions have too many consequences. It makes them harder to answer but more fun.

    1. I know, it is hard to make choices with such tough consequences!