Friday, December 1, 2017

Happy December!

Happy December everyone! Can you believe we are into the last month of the year already?!  If you have been around for a while you know that December is a big month here on Eastern Sunset Reads and if you are a new visitor I hope you will stick around for all of the fun! 

Today is the start of my Advent Reads event, each evening leading up to Christmas I will feature a new holiday story. I try to feature a variety of books from Children's and Early Readers, through fiction and romance, even graphic novels.  I hope that I can help you find the perfect book for a cozy night of reading under the tree! 

As part of my Advent Reads event in the past I have also shared with you something holiday related. Previously I have featured my favorite ornaments on the tree, favorite Christmas songs, my advent candle countdown, even fun holiday traditions.  This year I gave you guys the option of what you wanted and the choice was to feature some ways to have a less stressful/ holiday stress relief to get us all through this month.  So that is what I will be featuring this month.  I will try to post something nearly each day, but I can't guarantee that I will make it every single morning. I do have loads of ideas for you to use both this year and in the future years, some I use myself, some I will be instituting and some I hope to try in the future too.  So I hope you will be stopping by often this month to either pick up a stress reducing tip or a new holiday story to read.


  1. I’m loving your decorating pics here and on Instagram. Can’t wait for your stress reduction tips.

    1. I am so, so happy with how the house is coming out this year with the decorations! This is the first year that it doesn't feel like a real hodge podge of things thrown together, there is actually some cohesion and it is finally my style, festive but not overly, classy be still light hearted and consistent throughout the house.