Thursday, July 13, 2017

Pen to Paper: Yikes! It has been a While

Hello everyone, boy has it been a while since I posted a Pen to Paper! I guess when life gets busy, like it has been for me in the past couple of months, something gets dropped.  It ended up being my pen pal letters, temporarily, for me.  I have received a bunch of pen pal letters over the past couple of months that I need to respond to . . .

I have started responding to some of those letters, I hope to be caught up again by the end of the month.  Part of the problem was time (Munchkin & Hubby's schedules have kept me hopping) and part of the problem was desire (when I get stressed, I just hide out in my books and avoid anything social including events, texts, phone calls and letters) and the final part of the problem was organization (my old planner system has broken down and I dreaded even looking at it, but I have started a new set up that should help).  Sometimes these things happen and hopefully true pen pals and friends will understand that and be a little forgiving while I play catch up.

In other fun pen to paper news, I discovered a Notebook and Pen exchange that looks like a fun way to swap notebooks, pens and try something new and maybe even make a new friend.  The 2017 Notebook and Pen Swap is hosted by The Paper Trail Diary,  sign ups only last until next Wednesday (July 19th) so if you are interested be sure to sign up soon!

Have you been writing letters while I was MIA? If not I hope you will join me in trying to get started again! 

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