Friday, July 14, 2017

Bedtime Story: Big Frank's Fire Truck by Leslie McGuire

Read for: Children's Book Challenge

Synopsis: "Illustrated in full color. Ride along with Big Frank and the rest of thecrew as they race to the scene of an accident, inspect the local KwikShop,demonstrate fire safety at Niceview Elementary School, and battle a ragingbrush fire! In between calls, hang out at the firehouse with Big Frank and thegang. It's all in a day's--and night's--work for our firefighting friends."

My Review: This book follows Big Frank on a full shift as a firefighter. It shows the ups and downs of a long shift and the different things that firefighters do to keep people safe. I really like the touch at the end to show that firefighters, while heroes are still family to someone. Munchkin really liked this book and talking about things he already knew about firefighters and fire trucks. This is a great one for fans.

My Review: Munchkin really enjoyed this one and I appreciated some of the unique and small details that this book included about firefighters.  We give this one a rating of Four Paws!

Good Night! Sweet Dreams!

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