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Challenge Update - April & May 2017

Wow these last two months have flown by, so fast that I missed my update for April and almost missed my update for May.  I am a little behind in my reviews so some won't have links yet, but check back to my main challenge page in about a week or so.
So here are the books I read along with the challenges. (I have decided to just list the books read each month instead of full lists because it gets a little long towards the end of the year. If you want to see all the books I have read this year you can check out my challenges page).

Children's Book Challenge
27. Supertruck
28. A Little Book About Safety
29. The Pups Save the Bunnies
30. My Friend is Sad
31. Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes
32. Giggle, Giggle, Quack
33. Ten Rules of Being a Superhero
34. Fire Engine No. 9
35. Little Owl's Night
36. Little Owl's Day

Early Reader Challenge
16. The Garden that We Grew
17. The Little Duck
18. Miss Bindergarten and the Very Wet Day
19. A Day in the Life of a Firefighter
20. Transformer Rescue Bots: Meet Quickshadow
21. Otis's Busy Day
22. The Colorful Story of Comics
23. Transformer Rescue Bots: Meet Boulder the Construction Bot
24. Transfomer Rescue Bots: Meet Chase the Police Bot
25. Transformers Rescue Bots: Meet the Team
26. Planet Earth
27. DinoTrux: A Thirsty Day in the Crater
28. Transformers Rescue Bots: Meet Heatwave the Fire Bot

Graphic Novel Challenge
7. The Sculptor
8. Huck: Book 1 - All American
9. Donald Duck: Vicious Cycles
10. Over the Garden Wall Vol. 1
11. Saga Vol. 5

Audio Book Challenge:
10. The Keeper
11. Pippi Longstocking
12. A Man Called Ove

Trilogy Challenge:
1.  Snow Like Ashes Trilogy: Book 1, Book .1, Book 2, Book 2.5, Book 3 - COMPLETE
2. Winner's Curse Trilogy: Book .5, Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 - COMPLETE
3. Sons of the Revolution Trilogy: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 - COMPLETE
4. Watersmeet Series: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 - COMPLETE
5. A Court of Thorns & Roses Series: Book 1, Book 2
6. Ralph S. Mouse Trilogy: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 - COMPLETE

Requested Reviews:
12. Jesper Jinx and the Mouse Mayhem (direct)
13. Fyre (netgalley)
14. Martha the Blue Sheep (direct)
15. Book of Bera (netgalley - DNF)
16. Little French Bistro (penguin first to read)

Books Added to Shelves
4. Winners Kiss
5. Bubble Trouble
6. Blaze Loves to Race
7. Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book
8. Heartstone
9. Beauty and the Beast
10. Norse Mythology
11. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
12. Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Library
13. Trapped
14. Samurai Rising

15. Pancho Bandito and the Amarillo Armadillo
16. The Mating - DNF
17. Hold Your Breath
18. Fan the Flames
19. The Keeper
20. Love and Muddy Puddles
21. Irish Rising
22. The Sculptor
23. Huck: Book 1- All American

24. Dawn Study
25. The Princess Diarist
Name of the Wind
27. Gone Camping
28. Saga Vol. 7
29. Over the Garden Wall - review coming
30. The Hundredth Queen
31. A Court of Wings and Ruin
32. On His Watch - review coming
33. In Safe Hands  - review coming
34. After the End - review coming
35. Seduced by the Billionaire
36. The Simplicity of Cider

TBR Shelf Books
35. More Than Peaches
36. A Court of Thorns and Roses
37. Riders
38. A Court of Mist and Fury
39. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
40. The Book Thief
41. Pippi Longstocking
42. Soldier Sister, Fly Home
43. The Mouse and the Motorcycle
44. R2-D2 To the Rescue
45. Runaway Ralph
46. Raph S. Mouse
47. Gone to Deep
48. The Reader
49. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
50. Journey to the Lights
51. A Man Called Ove
52. Rebels and Courtesans

1. Calen the Emerald
2. How My Dorky Dad Became a Hero
3. Cody the Cloud
4. Monster Trucks
5. Poems from the Mind of a Madman
6. Hidden Presences
7. Fables and Fiction
8. Why Not Call it Cow Juice
9. The Longest Game
10. Rhody Ram's RI Adventure
11. A Cricket's Thanksgiving
12. Dragonfly Magic
13. Motocross Summer
14. Mad Tales
15. Maid for Love
16. Shoreline
17. A Grocery List & Other Poems
18. Tide Roaring In
19. More Than Peaches
20. Irish Rising


So there are all the books I have read in the last couple of months, April was one of the best reading months ever, a lot of really great books.  May wasn't quite as successful, especially towards the end but I hope to improve upon that in June.  I am really happy with the progress of my challenges so far though, nearly halfway through the year and most of my challenges are at near half if not over half way complete already! I am also happy to see that while I haven't exactly kept up with reading all the books I have purchased this year, I have at least read more from my TBR shelf than I have purchased, that is a win for me currently!

So time to figure out what I will be reading in June:

Sword and Verse
Loki's Wolves
Run to Ground
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Saga Vol. 6
The Princess Diarist
Keep Calm and Carry a Big Drink
Shadow and Bone
A Court of Wings and Ruin
Samurai Rising

So how has your reading been going lately? What books are you usually in the mood for as the weather warms up? I tend to read a lot more romance right as the weather warms up and then slip back into fantasy romance then high fantasy.

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