Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Review of Heartstone by Elle Katharine White

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Synopsis: "A debut historical fantasy that recasts Jane Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice in an imaginative world of wyverns, dragons, and the warriors who fight alongside them against the monsters that threaten the kingdom: gryphons, direwolves, lamias, banshees, and lindworms

They say a Rider in possession of a good blade must be in want of a monster to slay—and Merybourne Manor has plenty of monsters.

Passionate, headstrong Aliza Bentaine knows this all too well; she’s already lost one sister to the invading gryphons. So when Lord Merybourne hires a band of Riders to hunt down the horde, Aliza is relieved her home will soon be safe again.

Her relief is short-lived. With the arrival of the haughty and handsome dragonrider, Alastair Daired, Aliza expects a battle; what she doesn’t expect is a romantic clash of wills, pitting words and wit against the pride of an ancient house. Nor does she anticipate the mystery that follows them from Merybourne Manor, its roots running deep as the foundations of the kingdom itself, where something old and dreadful slumbers . . . something far more sinister than gryphons.

It’s a war Aliza is ill-prepared to wage, on a battlefield she’s never known before: one spanning kingdoms, class lines, and the curious nature of her own heart.

Elle Katharine White infuses elements of Austen’s beloved novel with her own brand of magic, crafting a modern epic fantasy that conjures a familiar yet wondrously unique new world."

My Review: So I received this book in my January NovelTea Club subscription box and I was a little hesitant to read it. I have never been a fan of Jane Austen and I wasn't even able to finish Pride and Prejudice as enticing as dragons sounded I wasn't too keen on reading a retelling. I am glad I finally pushed myself to pick it up! Maybe if Austen had added dragons to her books I would have really enjoyed them because I inhaled this book. It did drag a tiny bit in the middle and it seemed like there were a couple of plot lines that got a little muddled but that may have been a result of trying to stick a little closer to the original story. With that said I loved all the mythical beasts in the story and I became attached to several of the characters. As crazy as it may sound, I could go for a sequel!
My Rating: I was so pleasantly surprised with this book, I expected a lot of dull Austen-esque chapters but it really kept the storyline moving for the most part. There were a few lulls and pointless tangents but for the most part the story and characters kept moving and the action (and romance) kept building. I give it a rating of Three Paws and a Stump Wag!


  1. Well, if they can make P&P and zombies I guess they can do it with dragons. I'm glad you ended up liking it.

    1. I never read the zombie one, but I feel like this one was a pretty loose retelling of it but I love the dragons!

  2. I didn't know you weren't an Austen fan. I love the idea of adding dragons in the mix!

    1. I know, so many people love her work, especially a lot of my book friends. I have tried so many times and read several of her books but they flat out bore me to tears! I figure anymore why torture myself, but adding all the fantasy elements really brought it into more my zone and it worked out.