Thursday, January 5, 2017

Pen to Paper: Incoming Mail

Happy New my mail friends! I haven't posted a Pen to Paper in quite some time due to the Advent Reads event last month, and honestly I haven't written a letter in just as long. For some reason the last two months of last year exploded and stomped all over my carefully laid plans. Thankfully most pen pals and friends understand that things like this happen in life some times.  Thankfully with the new year life starts to return to some level of normalcy (hopefully).   Anyway, I wanted to share some of the beautiful letters I have received in the past month or so and to give you a little update.
I received this beautiful letter from a friend and pen pal in the UK, she made these beautiful leaf earrings for me and sent a gift for Munchkin (which he took off with). I love the purple butterfly paper!

This letter came from a friend and pen pal in Norway, she always creates these stunning envelopes and includes a little something for Munchkin. This time she also sent a cute postcard and stamps from Norway!


This was from a brand new pen pal from the Ukraine who wants to exchange creative mail. I sent her a pocket letter a while ago and I received this adorable one back! So pretty and I love how on the back of each card in each pocket she wrote a little bit about herself, so each pocket was an extra little surprise (I don't know if my handwriting is good enough for that but I want to try it).
And this last one was a cute pop up Christmas card from a pen pal in Germany, I found her on Instagram and love all the beautiful wooden decorations she had in her house so she was kind enough to send me this beautiful and intricate ornament. Sadly the mail system was much to rough for it, but I hope that I can get it fixed.
So now I have a lot of writing to catch up on, I have about 10 or 12 letters to write to catch up. I hate that I have fallen so far behind but oh well, that is what happens in life. I will hopefully get back on track again soon (and get my hand back in shape, I started writing last night and my hand cramped after only 3 pages!).
As far as plans for my regular Pen to Paper posts, I hope to continue posting each Thursday morning but they will be a little more low key, like this post. I will be posting more incoming and outgoing posts, a few tips, supply hauls, ideas, etc. since over the past 3 years I have put a lot of research into all my posts and I need to take a little step back and treat this like the hobby it is. I hope you will continue to join me in my pen pal and mail loving journey and to share some of your stories and mail too!


  1. That Norway envelope! Wow! You have some fun pen pals. My letter writing also was non-existent during December, but I am back at it! I wrote a letter to my aunt on Sunday.

    1. I really did get lucky, I have many amazing pen pals, each with their own talents! I love her envelopes, everyone is unique and hand drawn. Hurray for starting up again, I will hopefully get my first batch out early next week.