Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Fun Day 8: Letter to Santa

Hello and Happy Holiday season everyone! In addition to my Advent Reads event this holiday season, I thought I would post earlier in the day with different things we do each day to have fun and celebrate this season. I hope you will join us and also maybe share some of your own traditions or ways you celebrate.
Of course it is classic to write a letter to Santa, but this is the first year Munchkin has been able to do it himself (so really this is the first year we have done it). I found this little kit at one of the craft stores that had a simple card with a form to fill in, stickers and an envelope. It made it super easy and fun for Munchkin.
Munchkin filled in his own name and age and checked the box saying he was Nice this year. I then wrote what he said he did good and what he wanted in pencil so he could trace it.
I kind of love that he writes with both his left and right hands. At preschool the kids all write their names to sign in and sometimes he switches hands every other letter. This will be handy if he ever breaks an arm!

All done and ready to travel to the North Pole!


  1. Fun! I never wrote a letter to Santa when I was young. That's cool that he's ambidextrous.

    1. I guess everyone has their own way of celebrating. I lived in such a small town growing up, there was only a Santa every few years so we just wrote letters. Since Munchkin has been so afraid of Santa, I figured this might be the better way to go.