Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pen to Paper: Greeting Cards

I just wanted to post really quickly (and late today), I had planned a longer and more detailed post but it has been one totally insane week here.  Anyway, I wanted to chat with you a little bit about keeping greeting cards in your stationary stash.  While on Pen to Paper I talk about more extensive letters but greeting cards are still important to have on hand.  Things happen between letters, sometimes it is a month or more between sending your letter and receiving one in return, and we want our pen pals to know we are thinking of them in happy or difficult moments in life. 
Some examples of time you might want to send a quick card to one of your pen pals:
Birthday between letters
Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary
Retirement or New Job
Graduation or some other similar moment in life
New Home
Challenging Moment (big test, job interview, big decision)
Loss of a Loved One
These are all moments that it may be best not to wait until your next letter, particularly with the big events. The reason I wanted to post this was because just this past week I encountered several times when I was waiting for a letter response and something happened (or in one case received a letter with some sad news and thought it would be best to send out something immediately instead of waiting to write a full letter). So don't forget about keeping some greeting cards, or at least some blank cards that you can send out quickly if needed by your pen pal.


  1. I love this idea! You have awesome ideas all the time. I've been sending out a few Halloween cards between letters lately, but I still write a fair amount of stuff in the card. I think quick little cards for the certain occasions is very doable and thoughtful.

    1. You just reminded me, I need to send a couple of Halloween cards (I like to send them to my pen pal's kids because I know how much Munchkin enjoys mail but gets sad when I get some and he doesn't). I need to get better about using greeting cards, but I do send a lot of postcards out between letters.