Sunday, October 23, 2016

One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated by Kami over at Kami's Library Thoughts, thank you Kami!
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7 Interesting Things About Me:
As many of you know, and share this with me, I am terrified of spiders, but did you know my other great fear is moose?! Yup, I am absolutely terrified, if I get enough notice I will climb in a vehicle or building, if I don't get away before I see them I totally freeze up.
When I first went to college I went in with plans to go into forensics or neurosurgery, so clearly that didn't pan out, chemistry is not my thing (and neither is calculus).
I have an extremely hard time letting books go, even the ones I don't like.  I got new shelves in May and boxed up a ton of books to donate, they made it into my car last month and they are still riding around in my trunk because I am worried that I might want to read one at some point again.
I don't eat chocolate. People are shocked about this all the time, I may have one or two tiny chocolate bars in a year but that is it. For some reason chocolate always gives me a headache, always has, so I stick to fruity candies like jelly beans or gummy bears.
I cannot handle spicy food. My husband makes fun of me all the time but anything over mild heat makes my mouth burn, my eyes water and my nose drip.
I could eat breakfast for every meal and be 100% happy. I love eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, bagels, fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, pancakes, muffins, etc. love it all!
I am a complete homebody and introvert (as so many of us book lovers are) but other than the people I work with and immediate family, I could go weeks without interacting with other people. I often don't even see or talk to friends more than once or twice a month (probably makes me not such a great friend but they all seem to still love me anyway).
My Nominations:

Most of the people I would nominate have already been nominated or don't do these kind of things (and I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable or feel they have to participate)


  1. These were all fascinating! I didn't know about any of them. I am shocked you don't eat chocolate but it's probably for the best. I love breakfast too!

    1. I know so many people are completely shocked by the fact that I don't eat chocolate, but I am not much for sweets anyway I much prefer savory foods, like breakfast LOL!

  2. I loved all these! It is sad that chocolate gives you headaches. I couldn't survive without hot chocolate. We often have breakfast for dinner. Yummm!