Thursday, September 8, 2016

Pen to Paper: Pen Pal Organization - Pen Pal Info

Hello Everyone! Hope you are doing well and finding joy in your mailbox! 
Today I thought I would start a little series of posts about pen pal organization.  I didn't really have much of a system at first but the more and more I got into pen paling I needed some way to organize incoming mail, saved letters and pen pal information. Originally when I only had a couple of pen pals I had an address book and a stack of previously received letters I would refer back to if I couldn't remember something specific. But recently this system started breaking down, with some of my pen pals I have been writing for over a year and have a dozen or more letters to look through for a piece of information.  So it was time to get more organized.
I purchased Pen Pal Trackers from the Etsy shop Pembroke Papers.  While I do like that they can go right in my planner, there just wasn't enough room for all the information I wanted.   So here is my system . . . (obviously I can't show you a fully filled out page because my pen pals letters and information are private)
I fill out the pen pal tracker information with my pen pal's name, address and birthdate.  I then put in the dates letters are received and mark the date I send out a response. Then I add in a separate note page after each tracker for additional information. I usually add in family members, names and ages as these are often people we discuss in our letters.  I also add in my pen pal's favorite hobbies and details (ie. Reading and what genres/favorite books, cooking with favorite styles/recipes, or say gardening with types of flowers or veggies preferred). Next I list their taste preferences since I some times send a treat in the letters (like tea vs. coffee or sweets vs. savory etc.).  Then I also add in (as you see in the picture) goodies sent, I don't want to accidentally send the same recipe for holiday treats or something.  I also put down likes and dislikes. 
I am not entirely sure how this method is going to work out in the long run but it seems to be helping for now. I am still filling out these for each pen pal, some of them have  a lot of letters to go through to add these little details for easy reference.
How are you organizing your pen pals' information?


  1. Love this idea!! I decided that I am not ready for international pen pals. I might take that on eventually, but for now I am very happy just writing my friends and family. I'd love to send you a letter though. Could you email me your address?

    1. Take your time Kami, you don't always have to have pen pals all over the world. It is really interesting getting to know people from other places but sometimes the letters can be difficult to read with words not always translating well and the letters take so long to travel. I would love to exchange letters with you Kami, how about I send you a letter with my address ;)