Friday, August 12, 2016

Beginning Reader Review of Baby Dolphin's First Day by Peter and Connie Roop

Read For: Early Reader Challenge
Synopsis: "What does a baby dolphin do on the day it is born? He swims, he whistles, he jumps, he naps, he escapes a shark, and he follows his mother through the beautiful blue sea. This easy reader brings children along on his new adventures and teaches them about these highly intelligent animals!"

My Review: This book came in a set, and we thought we would give it a try even though dolphins hold no interest for Munchkin. While it may not be our cup of tea, it is still a great level 1 beginning reader. It has short sentences and easy, familiar words. While it is non fiction it still has a little bit of a storyline to follow so it isn't just reading facts. I think kids who love the ocean and animals will really enjoy this book.
My Rating: This is definitely a great level one non-fiction, I liked that it actually had a little bit of a story instead of just facts like a lot of the other non fiction early reader books I have come across. Unfortunately it was just not for us, Munchkin has zero interest in dolphins. For us it gets a rating of Three Paws but a dolphin fan will really enjoy this one.

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