Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tea Time Tuesday: Iced Chai

This is a new series of blog posts to share my love of tea and some discoveries I am making as I dive more into that love. (And honestly, what goes better with books than a nice cup of tea?)
So in the winter time I really enjoy Panera Bread's Chai Tea Latte, but I have been trying the Iced Chai from many coffee shops and they are all over the top sweet. I had seen in several stores this concentrate Chai in different brands so decided to give one a try.  I loved this one, it is only a hint sweet and you can add as much or as little milk as you want to it (I bet it would be tasty with a vanilla almond milk too).  I know I could also brew my own using chai tea bags and brewing it strong too, but the convenience of just dump the tea and milk together has been super awesome for the mornings I am running late (which let me be honest, is every single day).

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