Thursday, June 2, 2016

Pen to Paper: A Month of Postage

So I have been trying to keep very careful track of my postage costs for a month straight.  I did this so that I could show how little this hobby actually costs, especially when you consider the joy and friendships that come out of it!
So last month I sent out
3 international pen pal letters
1 pen pal letter within the states
1 international package (from the blog giveaways)
1 package in the states (from the blog giveaways
13 postcards in the states
15 international postcards
The letters and postcards in the USA cost a total of $5.04
The postcards and letters internationally cost a total of $21.60
And the packages cost (an estimate because I forgot to write it down) was $30.76
Now obviously the packages were more expensive and not actually part of my pen pal letters but I still wanted to add it into my monthly postage cost.  It is rather inexpensive to have pen pals, the cost of postage is so small compared to other hobbies and you can control those costs by the number and location of the pen pals you write to as well.
So there you have it, it cost me a total of $57.40 for an entire month of pen pal, and this was a busy month with giveaway packages and postcards from vacation.  I will try to keep track in up coming months too so you can see a more normal month too.

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