Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pen to Paper: Books to Inspire You - Pen Pals as a Hobby

So I wanted to continue with the series I started a couple of weeks ago with books to inspire your letter writing.  Last time I introduced you to a book called Snail Mail that gave a lot of tips on getting started and ways to be creative or have unique to you letters.  I have a new book for you this week with the subject of Pen Pals in mind specifically.
This was a great book about pen pals in particular. It gives a brief introduction about pen pals and how to get started. Then it goes into some of the various aspects and joys of having and being a pen pal.  It is a short ebook to read but will hopefully give you some inspiration of what a friendship pen pals can create over the years.
I hope you will join me again next week as I continue this series with another wonderful book about written correspondence.

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