Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pen to Paper: Books to Inspire You - For the Love of Letters

Today is the final installment of Books to Inspire You, at least to write.
I have for you a book that I downloaded off Amazon.  It has a variety of different letters from what you see in some of the other books about letters (they normally feature friendly letters, thank you, holidays, etc).  This book had tips and examples for much more emotionally charged letters in the first half, including love letters, erotic love letters, breakup letters, sympathy letters, and more. The later chapters also include more professional letters like cover letters, business thank you letters, letters for a cause and letters to an editor.
This book contained a lot of examples of letters, some historic and some of the author's own personal letters.  Be forewarned though, there are a lot of her personal letters in there and it becomes a little narcissistic in my opinion with so many. The author also repeatedly mentions her own website for writing letters almost to the point of advertising.  It is a helpful book in some aspects but can get a little tedious.
So as I have said earlier in the week, April is my Rhode Island Author Month, I will be putting Pen to Paper posts on hiatus to give more time to my local authors.  I will return in May (on the 12th after Children's Book Week) with some posts about discoveries and things I have learned over the past year of pen paling.

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