Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pen to Paper: Letter Writing Month Challenges

Wow, we are more than halfway through the month of February and the Month of Letters Challenge.  I have been participating all month long and last week I gave you a little peek at what I have been sending out. 
Now I had originally planned on doing a post about how much sending mail out each day was costing, but a few thing happened instead.  First, I was horrible about keeping track of the stamps and shipping costs this month, there were a few times I was running late and would just throw a stamp on everything I had and drop it in the box.  Second, I have been having issues with the challenge website all month long. I was only able to enter my first mailing and then I haven't been able to add any more or complete any of the challenges. So, I wrote up my own little list of challenges I could check off and I thought I would share my challenges with you. Please feel free to use any of these challenges for your own mailing adventures or to share ideas with me too!
So there are 24 mailing days in the month of February this year, thanks to leap year.  So I decided to set out 20 challenges for myself, leaving the other 4 open.  I have starred (*) the ones I have completed so far.
1.  Postcard *
2. Handmade Mail * (colored postcard & Pocket Letter)
3. Letter to an Extended Family Member*
4. Letter to an Immediate Family Member
5. Birthday Card *
6. Valentine Card*
7. International Mail*
8. Fan Mail Letter*
9. Long Letter (5 or more pages)
10. Short Letter (1 page or less)*
11. Send from a Different Mail Dropbox
12. Letter to a New Pen Pal
13. Thank You
14. Package*
15. A Thinking of You Card
16. New Baby Card*
17. Renew Contact with a Long Lost Friend
18. Reply to Letter
19. Use a Not Current Forever Stamp*
20. Make Own Envelope*
So there you have the little challenge I set out for myself, I certainly have my work cut out for me next week! I seemed to have save many of the hardest letters to write for last.  I am a little proud of myself though, this morning I drop in the mail my first Fan Mail to an author I love.
Have you been participating in the Month of Letters? If you have been or even if you haven't have you written a letter out of your comfort zone or set a challenge for yourself?

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