Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pen to Paper: Incoming Mail & Month of Letters Wrap Up

So I know February I not quite over yet but I figured since this was the last Thursday of the month and there are only 3 more mailing days after today, it wouldn't hurt to have my Month of Letters Wrap Up today.  
As I have said throughout the month that February is set aside for a Month of Letters Challenge (April is also a Letter Month I guess).  The challenge for the month is to mail something out each business/mail day throughout the month and to respond to every letter/card you receive.  So I utterly fail at sending something each day, with the way my schedule is, I write and send mail in spurts, some days I will be sending out 5 or 6 pieces of mail but then not send anything for another several days.  But honestly I don't feel like it really matters, it is more the challenge for me to send out 24 letters/cards/snail mail in a single month.
So I posted last week with my own personal challenges this month, and here they are again. I have starred (*) the ones that I have completed 
1.  Postcard *
2. Handmade Mail * (colored postcard & Pocket Letter)
3. Letter to an Extended Family Member*
4. Letter to an Immediate Family Member*
5. Birthday Card *
6. Valentine Card*
7. International Mail*
8. Fan Mail Letter*
9. Long Letter (5 or more pages)*
10. Short Letter (1 page or less)*
11. Send from a Different Mail Dropbox*
12. Letter to a New Pen Pal
13. Thank You*
14. Package*
15. A Thinking of You Card
16. New Baby Card*
17. Renew Contact with a Long Lost Friend
18. Reply to Letter*
19. Use a Not Current Forever Stamp*
20. Make Own Envelope*
So my long letter was dropped in the mail this morning, and I have a new pen pal letter going out tomorrow, a thinking of you card for Saturday and Monday will see a letter going out to someone I haven't had contact with in several years.   With those going out I will have met all of my challenges! I think the hardest one to send out was the letter to immediate family, it is hard to think of something to write when you talk to someone multiple times a day, and honestly I never heard what this person thought of it either. The other hard one to send was the Fan Mail, I get so nervous and giddy about authors so it was insanely stressful, I worried about the spelling, the grammar, making it unique enough to stand out in what I am sure are tons of fan letters, and most stressful off all was the fact that I may never hear what that author thought of the letter!
I had meant to be able to post the cost of the entire month but forgot to keep track exactly in my rushes in and out of the post office and quickly throwing a stamp on an envelope or postcard to beat the postman, so I will have to save that for next time.  I also wasn't the greatest about keeping track of everything sent but here is a rough idea of what I mailed out (with a few pictures).
8 postcards
4 birthday cards
3 valentine cards
2 pocket letters
2 response letters
1 new baby card with package
2 notecards
4 letters
Fan Mail to Kristin Cashore (author of Graceling, Fire & Bitterblue) and I used a new drop box

A hand colored postcard

Handmade envelope

Post card for PostCrossing
So far that is 26 wonderful things to brighten someone's day sent out and the month isn't even over yet! It really wasn't all that difficult to squeeze in either, some of the longer letters took some time to write and I could only do one on those days but the cards are so simple and quick but thoughtful.
It was very nice to be able to send things to friends and family to make their trips to the mailbox a little more exciting.  As for my mailbox, it was a little sad this month with only 2 things, a letter from a pen pal in the UK and a pocket letter from Canada.  But that is okay, it seems my mailbox will get busy every other month.

Check out that awesome postmark from the UK that seems like it was special for Valentine's Day! And the beautifully decorated envelope for the pocket letter.
Did you send out mail or receive some wonderful mail this month? Please share if you like!

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