Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pen to Paper: Folder Pen Pal Letter

So I wanted to continue on with the creative pen pal letter ideas that I talked about last week. We have all this time in the winter (well at least I do) that we are trapped inside. So why not get a little creative with our pen pal letters.  
This week I wanted to share another creative flipbook, this one is made with a regular file folder. It was a little more time consuming that the one I made last week only because I wanted to make it pretty and only had the plain manila folders. Again I used a file folder, scrapbooking paper, double sided tape, washi tape, a pretty card, envelope and some stickers. I used this video for guidance

I made this for one of my pen pals that I didn't get a Christmas letter or card out to, so I wanted to make it wintery themed.
Here is it all folded up. I added my pen pal's name in the top right with stickers after the pictures.
This is the top flap open, the card at the top is where I wrote my letter.

And the bottom flap open. I added a washi tape sample to the top left and added a pocket on the right side with a cute paperclip.

here it is all the way open. In the envelope I added a few wintery stickers and a tea bag.
This one was really fun to make, but again time consuming (it took over two hours to make every thing, add the goodies and write the letter) but it came out so cute and I really hope my pen pal enjoyed it!



  1. I loved it! The penguin paper clip was adorable!

    1. I am so glad you liked it, I had a lot of fun making it and putting it all together. That penguin clip was adorable, I am so glad the set came with 2 ;)