Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pen to Paper: Holiday Mailings

I am sorry I missed last week's post, I was totally out of it but I figured I would just move it to this week instead. Did you all start a list of questions to refer to while writing your letters? As you get used to writing letters you will probably need this list less and less but it is handy to keep your letters going for now.
This week I want to start talking about holiday mailings. I know some of you may think this is a little early but it really isn't. It helps to plan ahead and then not have to worry about it in the midst of chaos in December. There are few options to consider when planning your holiday mailings. Now I realize that some of you may celebrate something other than Christmas like I do, and some of you may not celebrate at all. I mean no offense with any of these holiday posts, I only want to share with you some of the things I have learned.
First thing, you need to decide what holiday mailing you will do or if you will do one at all (I know several people who I am close to that choose not to send anything and that is okay). Some different options are Thanksgiving cards are wonderful, they are before the big rush so people will notice, and you can also send them as a reminder to the people you are thankful for but can't see during the holiday. There is of course the classic Christmas mailing, this is common and there are a wealth of options out there to choose from.  The last option is actually the one I have opted for in recent years and that is a New Year's mailing, you can wait until after the stress and rush of the season, and include pictures from the holidays if you like or a thank you for a gift received too.
Once you decide on a holiday for which to mail your thoughts out you need to decide what you want to mail. There are several options and you just need to choose one that suits you, or a few different options if you like. You can send a card, either hand made or store bought, you can send the classic Christmas letter full of news from your household (my mom still sends this even though she has an empty nest), or you can send a picture card, there are several site to upload and customize a photo card, or you can send a simple note or letter too depending on the size of your list.
Once you have your chosen item to mail you need decide who to mail them to and this really depends on your own desires and budget. When I first started sending out holiday cards as an adult my list was unbelievable, I was sending over 80 Christmas cards out each year because I have such a large extended family. Over the years I started narrowing that list down based on who sent cards back, who kept in touch and who I wanted to keep in touch with. Now I am down to about 25 or so cards for family and then another 10 or so for friends, and this year I will have several to send to new pen pals.
Your Mission for this Week: Narrow down or pick your holiday mailing, be it a Thanksgiving Card, Christmas Letter or New Years card/thank you. Start gathering your mailing addresses, envelopes and stamps too!

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