Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fun with Munchkin/ Crafty Times: Star Tunnel

I have decided to add a new post to my list of things that could happen on the weekends.  As part of my resolutions for 2015, I wanted to do more fun things with Munchkin and as a family.  I will be posting sporadically about some of the fun adventures we are having together.
Munchkin wants to be an astronaut, so we had a big astronaut birthday party for him yesterday. As I searched the web (and of course pinterest) for ideas for his birthday, I came across this Pin about making things from cardboard boxes. I loved the idea of a star tunnel for the kids to crawl through (and something to make with all these jumbo boxes I have been hoarding just in case).
So here is the end result (at the time of posting Munchkin hadn't seen it yet but I will have a big post soon with pictures from the party).
Not only did I punch Christmas lights through the top but I also added those ceiling glow stars all over too in case the batteries died or for a softer glow. I really can't wait to see his excitement! I am sure this will be a big hit!


  1. You're awesome, Ang. I bet he loves it!

    1. It was simple and it was a huge hit but we did struggle with it collapsing (thankfully I kept the duck tape on hand for emergency repairs). The one thing was that it was daytime so the kids didn't get the full effect.