Sunday, July 5, 2015

June Nail Art Share

So after a month off in May, I started getting back into my nail art. I did end up with a lot of solid colors throughout the month so only have a couple to show you.
These are probably my absolute favorites so far this year. I used a Julep color for the blue and made some white clouds. They were so simple, yet so cute! The best part was that I tried out the Julep oxygen basecoat and these nails lasted a full week without chipping!
Then I thought I would try to match the yellow and black purse I have been using (a wonderful Kate Spade purse that was a gift - I am not much of a purse nut but this is beautiful and well made).  I definitely need to work on the spacing and consistency of my polka dots. I do really like the look of that super thin tip but need to work on that too. Unfortunately it seems that the Julep base coat only works amazingly well with their own nail polishes because this one chipped after only a few days.
It is fun to start experimenting again and even though I have had less time lately I hope to try a few more techniques this month.


  1. I love them! The clouds are so cute!

    1. I am definitely going to do them again, they were so simple too, just 4 little dots for each cloud.