Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pen to Paper: Giveaway

Welcome back to Pen to Paper where we embark on a letter writing and snail mail adventure!
So how did your first mission go? Did you write your first letter (or maybe not your first and just one of many)?  Was it easy or did you find it difficult?
I find that it is easier starting out if you write to someone you already know and can share tidbits with without having to go into extensive details, or if you write to someone you know has a similar interest.
So I thought that maybe some of you are just starting out, and while it is perfectly fine to use notebook paper (heck those lines come in handy) for your letters, I thought I might share some of my rather extensive stash of stationary, envelopes, postcards, greeting cards and note cards.  So here is a little giveaway to get you started on your own stash or extras for more letters.
Included in the giveaway:
4 sets of stationary (2 pages and matching envelope each)
4 blank notecards
4 post cards
3 pens
10 Pen Pal Tracker forms
3 mini zines full of helpful information to get you started

Giveaway open from today through Wednesday, June 3rd
Open to international
Must be over 13 years of age
Oh and your mission for this week: Send a quick little note to someone about some little thing that happened in your day.


  1. I used to have quite the stationary collection. This giveaway is awesome. Sadly, I'm not participating though I did write two notes yesterday for some lady's in my neighborhood. Maybe that means I am sort of participating. ;)

    1. Even a simple note is writing to someone, it definitely counts. I send notes and letters to people I see every day sometimes, or someone who I talk to regularly.

  2. I need to start writing more! I used to have a few different stationery sets when I was little, but I rarely used them because I wanted them to last. :P

    1. HAHA I had the same issue (in fact I still have some of my favorite paper from when I was younger). This is why I keep such a large stock of papers and cards, so that I can write to many people without using up my favorite paper.