Sunday, April 5, 2015

Nail Art Share: March 2015

I haven't been as creative with my nail art this month, more of just enjoying some of the new nail polish colors I have gotten recently (from Julep, Color Club and Ulta).
Of course I had to do something special for my birthday! I got the Pisces nail art set from Color Club that had a really pretty aquamarine holographic polish and these pretty little gem stones. This was my first time using gems and they did last for about 3 days.
And then there is St. Patrick's Day. I have recently discovered I do not wear green colors! Seriously, I do not own a single green thing to wear. So thank goodness for nail polish, I had this pretty pale green from Julep and then the dark green glitter from the Shany nail art polishes I got for Christmas. I tried to do a little shamrock but it was hard to control that glitter polish.
Did I mention how sick of snow I am?! I finally got around to giving myself a nice little pedicure and chose a polish color that just screams summer to me! I can't wait to wear peeptoes and sandals!
I have some pretty cute ideas coming up for April with Easter and spring showers and flowers coming up (hopefully)!  I also need to get around to getting my polish stand all set up so I know what colors I have, I keep ordering polish and picking it up in the store but I honestly don't even know what colors and shades I have already!


  1. I love the swirly green on your pointer finger for St Patrick's.

    1. Thank you, after the slightly failed attempt at a clover I thought I would add something to distract a little and it seems to have worked ;)