Friday, April 10, 2015

Bedtime Story: Mr. Grumpy by Roger Hargreaves

Synopsis: "Mr. Grumpy is in a BAD mood?until he gets a visit from Mr. Tickle!"

My Review: This has been the best Mr. Men book so far. Munchkin actually was able to sit through the whole book and pay attention. He loved when Mr. Tickle would sneak up on Mr. Grumpy. He even tells me when I am being grumpy that he is going to tickle me, so I think a little lesson was taken from this book.
My Rating: This was the best Mr. Men book we have read together, one that we could actually apply to our lives. Munchkin was very into it and learned a little something too.  We give it a rating of Four Paws.
Good Night! Sweet Dreams!

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