Sunday, March 1, 2015

Nail Art Share: February 2015

Maybe because of all the snow days, I was a little more creative this month with my nails. I also have really started building up my collection (to the point I can't see what I have in our linen closet) so I have ordered a nice display stand. Once I have it all set up I will be sure to take some pictures and share them with you.
Anyway, you are really here for the nail art pictures right?!
First in honor of Month of Letters (which I epically failed at) I saw a cute envelope idea on Pinterest and decided to put a little of my own spin on it with an accent nail of the front of the envelope.  For the base coat I used one of my all time favorite nudes called Trade Winds
Every so often I will wear fake nails and I have a shop on Etsy that I always go to for them, Never Too Much Glitter. She always has beautiful nails and has active length which is so much better for me. I thought this set was perfect for Valentine's Day.
The false nails didn't last as long as usual after many loads of dishes, laundry and Munchkin baths. So I was still in the Valentine mood. I let Munchkin pick the colors this time and I came up with the idea of heart shaped balloons.

I also decided to join Julep Mavens just for a few months but I guess I get bonus items or points if a friend joins, so if you are going to please feel free to join up using my link:


  1. Love the envelope ones. So cute!

    1. I adore the little envelopes and am definitely going to do them again!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I am really enjoying the creativity.