Saturday, February 14, 2015

Audio Review of The Last Valentine by James Michael Pratt

Read for: Mount TBR & Audio Book Challenge
Synopsis: "Television reporter Susan Allison is looking for the perfect story about true love, yet she doubts where such a thing really exists, Neil Thomas, Jr. wants to share his parents' bittersweet love story with the world. On February 14, 1944, Caroline Thomas said good-bye to her beloved husband, a Navy pilot sent to the Pacific. For fifty year, she waited for him--until a miracle happened, and she received his last valentine. In the present day, when Susan and Neil meet, can the story of Neil's parents bring them together in a love as powerful as she dreams of and he remembers?"

My Review: Thank goodness I had this as an audio book! I had to pause the story a few times to get my emotions under control. It is a very emotional book with both love and loss. My audio version was done with two narrators, a man and a woman and it got a little jumbled at times with some repeated lines and overlapping which kind of took away from the story at those times. Also the overlap of the story of Susan and Neil Jr. with the original story of Caroline and Neil Sr. at times really bothered me. I would have preferred to just stick with the original characters that the story is about because that was the true sentimental story.
My Rating: I really enjoyed the majority of the story though the second storyline didn't seem to add much for me. I still got very emotional throughout the book and thank goodness I was listening while doing chores so I could sit down and let the tears flow. I give it a rating of Four Paws.

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