Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Blog Ahead Signup & Updates

I usually try to schedule blog posts in advance to keep up with the nearly daily posts and the amount of books I read and review.  With the busy season upon us, a month of novel writing and then Christmas season with my Advent Reads event, it is even harder to keep up with the posts.  So I decided to sign up for the Blog Ahead Challenge hosted by Anna at Herding Cats and Burning Soup.

The goal is to schedule 30 posts on your blog (in addition to what you already have scheduled) by the end of the month. If you want to join just head on over to the signup page!
I will keep track of all of my progress here (I will try to update at least once a week if not more often).  I am starting as of today . . . which means I will finish on November 29th.  I currently have 7 posts scheduled and so will need to have 37 scheduled posts by that date!
October 29, 2014 
Starting Scheduled Posts: 7
Goal for next update: schedule 10 posts
Thoughts: I am pretty excited, I think I have enough reviews done and post ideas for at least 10 new posts!

November 3, 2014
Starting Scheduled Posts: 7
Posts Scheduled: 11
Current Scheduled Posts: 16
Goal for next update: schedule 8 posts
Thoughts: So I got really motivated and scheduled nearly all the reviews I have for this month and got over my goal done.  The issue? While I should have a total of 18 posts scheduled, guess what, posts went live! Now I see how truly difficult this challenge could be.  The good part is that most of my posts for this month have been scheduled so at least most of the posts I schedule from this point on will count toward my final number at the end of the month.

November 4, 2014
Starting Scheduled Posts: 16
Posts Scheduled: 11
Current Scheduled Posts: 25
Goal for Next Update: schedule 5 posts
Thoughts: I had a chance to schedule some posts and took it.  While it looks like I am so far ahead right now, I know by the time I can schedule some more posts several will have gone live.  Definitely a challenge to not only get ahead on posts but also to have that many books read, reviewed or discussions planned.

November 19, 2014
Starting Scheduled Posts: 15
Posts Scheduled: 17
Current Scheduled Posts: 32
Goal for Next Update: schedule 5 posts
Thoughts: I waited a little longer to schedule posts this time so that I would actually be schedule posts beyond the end of this month.  I think it may work out pretty good for me.  I think I have enough post ideas and content to get me to a full 37 posts ahead of schedule now.

November 26, 2014
Starting Scheduled Posts: 26
Posts Scheduled: 11
Current Scheduled Posts: 37
Goal for Next Update: schedule 5 posts
Thoughts: Now that I have gotten going on non-review posts, the scheduling is moving along much quicker.  Thank goodness I have all the challenge wrap up and sign up posts to do in December as well as the Advent Reads event. I have more than enough material, in fact I am running out of days for everything I want to schedule in December!


  1. I just signed up too. I love the idea of this event. Good luck!

    1. It is a great idea, I definitely need that push right now to get ahead, the holidays always get so busy! Good Luck on your scheduling!

  2. Woots! Thanks for joining in! Good luck with your first mini-goal :D

    1. Thank you Anna! Let's hope I can keep it up while writing all month too! It is always such a whirlwind all November and December.