Monday, September 15, 2014

What's for Dinner? (21)

What's for Dinner is a little insight into my life for you every Monday night. I carefully plan out meals for the week ahead of time and do my shopping over the weekend.  So I wanted to start sharing with you one of the recipes or dinners I am most looking forward to each week.
So I am on vacation this week, and I mean really on vacation! I am sitting back and letting my mom, dad and hubby cook for me, granted I might do some dishes and of course I always have my hands full with Munchkin but I need this break.
So instead of bringing you a new recipe this week I found a new site to get all kinds of recipes from, and of course I am already addicted.
Check out Yummly
It has so many great features, like seasonal recipes, weeknight dinners and my favorite - quick and easy.
It also learns your preferences and gives suggestions!
It really turns into an addiction, I have some many new recipes yummed already and have gotten lost on there for hours.


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    1. Thanks! It was so nice not having to plan a menu last week but it is back to the kitchen for me this week!