Monday, July 7, 2014

What's for Dinner this Week? (14)

What's for Dinner This Week is a little insight into my life for you every Monday night. I carefully plan out meals for the week ahead of time and do my shopping over the weekend.  So I wanted to start sharing with you one of the recipes or dinners I am most looking forward to each week.
I guess I should maybe re-label this as just What's for Dinner because I am going to share something with you we made last week.  I have been on the hunt for various recipes Munchkin can help with since he is so interested in what goes on this kitchen.
Example: watching the cheese melt on the nachos
So I found this recipe for Broccoli Nuggets on pinterest (the original recipe can be found on Hello Bee Blog). Not only will it allow him to help but also get him to eat more veggies.
image from pinterest
Mine definitely didn't look that good and burned a little bit (I guess with a gas oven you only need to bake them for 10-12 minutes before flipping).
Munchkin really enjoyed helping. He added the cheese (handful by handful and took forever)

And of course stirring the mixture

he enjoyed stirring so much he had to stir some more after I got the first batch in the oven.
Do you have a secret way of slipping those veggies into a meal for picky eaters?


  1. This was really good... not sure if it is something your family would like but I just made it recently and thought it was so good.

    1. Anything with pasta in it is a hit with our family! Though I admit I am a major wimp when it comes to spicy stuff, but thankfully Munchkin takes after his dad. Just last night he was enjoying a spicy cocktail sauce on his shrimp and when he ran out of shrimp he started dipping his carrots in it!

  2. These sound yummy. Did your son like them?

    1. He did really like them and he actually liked the more burned ones. For me it needed more spices and herbs and it tasted a little like overcooked broccoli but I think I need to try again and cook it for less time.