Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dewey Readathon - Hour 22 Update

Sorry to say I crashed at 1am this morning, Hubby was definitely not helpful and kept pestering me to go to bed. But the good news is that it is now 5:30 am and I am awake again. I have to take my mom to the airport here in a few minutes and then I can come home to finish out the readathon in style (called my PJs).
I am still reading Return to Shanhasson though and probably won't finish it by the end of the readathon but that's ok, I don't mind I am just proud I got as much reading done as I did!
How are all of you doing? Did you make all through the night? Or did you crash for a bit like me?
We are almost done! Lets at least finish strong!

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