Wednesday, June 12, 2013

After Dark Review of Under Her Skin by Susan Mallery

I have added After Dark Reviews to my blog as a way of notifying you of a review of a book with Adult themes and scenes. From now on I will keep my reviews of all books I read that have explicit scenes in them for late night posts for those of you who prefer to avoid them or easy to find for those of you who seek them out ;)

Synopsis: "Heiress Engaged To Marry Playboy!

Lexi Titan can just see the headlines. All of Titanville will be buzzing. Not that she has any other choice. Faced with exactly thirty days to come up with two million dollars, she is out of options. Marry Cruz Rodriguez or lose everything — the successful day spa she built herself, her tyrant of a father's respect. And the long-standing competition with her sisters for the family business.

Cruz has money, success, smoldering good looks — everything but the blue blood needed to become a true member of Texas society. If Lexi agrees to be his fiancĂ©e for six months, lending him her famous father's influence and connections, he'll hand her a check on the spot. And in six months they'll go their separate ways.

But neither one is prepared for their long-ago shared passion to throw a wrench into what would seem to be the perfect deal.."

My Review: This was a nice (full length) intro to the Lone Star Sisters. You can't help but fall in love with the characters. Even though the story line of a business deal marriage for money has been done again and again, you seem to forget about that with all the underlying story lines going on in the book. And of course Cruz just makes you forget everything else *fans self* nothing beats a hot guy who knows how to rev an engine ;) The sub-characters are even fantastic, I can't wait to get to know Kendra more, Lexi's sisters, heck even the cat CC. A little hint, the ending does leave you hanging so have the next book ready.
My Rating: I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.  I give it a rating of Four Paws.
*Under Her Skin was read for the 2013 Series Challenge.


  1. This one sounds really good to me! I may have to check it out. :)

    1. It was fantastic, I just finished the series and have to say I absolutely loved it and am even going to suggest it to my mother in law!