Monday, January 14, 2013

Spend My Money - Results & Ordering

Thank you all for voting and helping me pick at least a few books to order! So many great books to chose from, it is hard to pick which ones I will order.  So of the genres I posted your votes have decided I will order the following and feature them in my special Follower's Month (will probably be April or May)

Graphic Novels:
It was a tie between Bone & The Arrival, so I went with a tie breaker - the price and Bone was less expensive.
Children's Books
Hiccupotamus was the clear winner (and I am so excited)! I am looking forward to reading this one to Munchkin!!

It was a tough choice on this group, I know, both Vessel and Valkyrie Rising were runners up but Eyes Like Stars wins. 
Young Adult

Stealing Parker is another clear winner, I am looking forward to reading this because I loved Catching Jordan!
Paranormal Romance
So there were no votes for this genre and I was shocked, I know several of my followers are avid paranormal romance readers.  But anyway I used the price tie breaker to decide and Cynful won out by .50 cents!
Historical Romance
For Historical Romance with one vote it is Camelot's Destiny! Hopefully I can read this and the several other Arthurian legend books I have waiting.
So there are your Spend My Money picks! I still had some gift certificate funds left over and some books that were must gets for me.  So here are a few that I had to purchase.
Oh! My Brother! (Graphic Novel)

Cover TBD - Release Date 1-15-13
The Madman's Daughter

The Marriage Trap & The Marriage Mistake
And a few more surprises ;) It is going to be a great year filled with great stories!


  1. Yay! Those are some great winners, and some other great ones that you finished it off with. :D

    1. I am really looking forward to reading these! I have some downloaded and its so hard to finish the current books when there are so many new ones I am itching to read lol